Montlake Family Fitness group seeks donations for new outdoor sport court


There’s a new community group in town. Montlake Family Fitness is a group of neighbors working to add an outdoor sport court to the renovation of the playground at Montlake Community Center this fall. Organizers are looking to raise $5,000 to put toward a larger city grant application to fund the court in full.

Montlake Family Fitness is a group of Montlake neighbors that joined to bring community approved sports and fitness elements to Montlake playground. These elements were approved during the public process for the Montlake Playground Renovation slated to start construction in the Fall of 2013. However, designated project money could not fund the new elements that community members want. Montlake Family Fitness was created to help see these elements added.

We estimate the project cost at $178K. This group is currently applying for the Large Neighborhood Match Grant for the entire project as well as the King County Youth Sport Facilities Matching Grant for a portion of the project. Community donations and volunteer hours are also needed to help fund the project as well as being requirements for matching grants.

The proposed court would be placed between the playground and west end of the track and would not include lights. Repeat: the court would not include lights. Pickle ball anyone?

This project will bring community approved sports and fitness elements to the Montlake Community Center playground.  The goal of this project is to dovetail with the 2008 Levy funded Montlake Community Center Playground Renovation.  To conserve resources and limit disruption to the neighborhood, we are coordinating with Parks and Recreation Department (Parks) and plan to add the multi-use sport court and adult fitness equipment simultaneously with the Parks scheduled playground renovation in the Fall of 2013.

A portion of the field to the north of the playground will be graded and drained.  The ground will then be poured, surfaced, and painted to accommodate multiple sports such as basketball, volley ball, pickle ball, and badminton.  Stanchions will be placed at either end of the court for basketball, and mounts will be placed at mid-court for posts to accommodate the net sports.

A concrete pad will be added along side of the playground. Approximately 4 – 6 pieces of fitness equipment will be added to the concrete pad. The position of this fitness equipment adds a benefit for families visiting the park together as parents can workout while watching their children on the playground.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I just donated. The more we can do as part of the renovation, and the more made available to all kinds of users of our community center and playfield, the better!

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