Pit bull owner responds to recent attack

The owner of two pit bulls that attacked another dog and its owner on March 1st at 22nd & Boyer has responded to neighborhood concerns about safety by pledging to do more to “insure the safety of others and their pets.”

We have two pit bulls – a male and a female. We have had them for about four years. One we raised from a puppy and the other was a rescue dog. We love our dogs as much as other pet owners love theirs. Both animals have been through obedience training at the Academy of Cannine Behavior and their behavior has been assessed. Both animals are extremely loving to humans which is a characteristic of their breed. At the same time, pit bulls do have certain traits that are specific to the breed which means that they do not always get along with other dogs. We are responsible dog owners. We do not let our animals run loose off of our property and the dogs are double collared when we walk them in case one collar breaks. When we see another dog in the vicinity we cross the street. The major problem we encounter is people with unleashed dogs and those runners with dogs who run up behind us un-announced.
What happend the other day… was an unforseeable accident. My wife was walking the dogs by herself while I was out of town and she encountered [the victim] and his dog at a blind corner not knowing that he was in vicinity. When his dog barked at our dogs they lunged at his dog and that unfortunatley resulted in a collision. In the past, my wife walking the dogs by herself was able to control them without incident and this unfortunalely turned out not to be the case… My wife was also injured in the incident. None of this is to suggest that [the victim] is any way at fault. We are deeply sorry for what happened… and have offered to pay his medical expenses. Meahwhile, I want to assure the neighborhood that we will do everything within our power to make sure that this incident does not reoccur. My wife will not walk the dogs by herself and we are sending both dogs back for another round of obedience training at not inconsiderable expense. In the future, we will avoid [this] neighborhood when walking our dogs to address his particular concerns. We fully understand the consequences of another incident like this – at best we would be forced to re-home the dogs and more likley we would be compelled to have them euthanized.
We recognize that we have a responsibility to insure the safety of others and their pets and are doing every thing possible to fulfill that responsiblity.
[Identifying info removed.]

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  1. If not this neighborhood, what areas will they be walked in? It would be nice to know for other dog walkers so as to avoid any other unfortunate incidents….

  2. This was an isolated incident!! Do you not understand that this does not happen every day and that the dog owners are not dog fighters who let their dogs run rampant? Guess what! I was bitten by a black lab randomly, and you don’t see me starting a blog, getting everyone up in arms and starting mass hysteria over the breed. Get a life.

    • Not correct. Pit bulls account for a highly disproportional number of attacks on humans and other dogs. For a sane person it does tell something. For those who blind, of course, it doesn’t.

    • No, not an “isolated” incident. This happens multiple times a day! Many times with far worse outcomes. Daily people’s pets and livestock are mauled and killed by these mutants! The owners don’t need to be dog fighters letting their dog run rampant. The dogs are designed to kill, just like herding dogs are designed to herd, retrieving breeds are designed to retrieve, terriers are designed to seek out and kill rats and other vermin, etc. Just like none of the other breed specific traits need to be “taught”, neither does killing to a pitbull. No one questions the role of genetics in any other breed, so why does the Pitbulls always want a free pass on this? No terrier owner is offended when told they must never trust their dog around small pets. No Greyhound owners take offense when they are constantly warned to never let their dog off-leash in an unfenced area, no matter how well trained. Yet Pit nutters always want to claim genetics have absolutely no bearing on their dog’s behavior! Insane!

      Many of us have been bitten by another dog breed. I’ve been bitten several times and not once have I needed to have any medical attention. Pitbulls are referred to as “life flight” dogs because so often, if attacked by one, the victims require Life Flight. There is a huge difference between being attacked by a Chihuahua, Dachshund, Lab, Poodle, or any, save a handful of dangerous breeds, and a Pitbull. These two dogs have already proven their inherent viciousness and instability and should be put down before they do worse next time. And given the opportunity, there will be a next time.

  3. Today a neighborhood dog; tomorrow a neighborhood child. Or possibly the wife. Or a visiting guest. These dogs should be euthanized. This is why we need laws restricting and/or banning these dogs! At the very least, no one should be able to have these beasts out in public without a heavy-duty muzzle! No amount of training can override the inherent genetics of what these dogs were designed to do – KILL!

    • Wow it is so sad to hear such an ignorant statement. You cannot judge an entire breed of dogs due to an accident. You can talk to most vets and other professionals and the vast majority of dog bites come from smaller dogs. Also you can look up history of pitbulls and be suprised by the fact that they were used as nanny dogs to help watch small children. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upshot/pit-bulls-surprising-past-nanny-dogs-195612543.html .The reason why people get hysterical over pit bull incidents is because they can do more damage than a smaller dog. As well as terrible owners, Michael Vick, who bred some dogs for dog fighting. It is people who have given them a bad light.

    • The reason people “get so hysterical” over pitbull incidents is because almost every day there is at least one, if not more. I have certainly researched this breed to death (no pun intended) and I know the truth about them, not the lies the Pit nutters would like all of us to believe. This is not a “bad owner” issue. All other breeds have some “bad owners”; they are owned by druggies, poor people, are neglected, abused, chained in the yard, etc. yet these other breeds aren’t making headlines every day with their maulings. There is ZERO evidence of Pitbulls ever, in history, being used as “nanny dogs”; this is nothing more than a lie perpetrated by the pitbull propaganda machine. Yes, other breeds certainly “bite” more but no other breed “kills” more, no other breed “dismembers” more, no other breed “eviscerates” more, no other breed “crushes skulls” more, no other breed “breaks bones” more, no other breed “terrorizes communities” more. I don’t think anyone fears for their life when charged by an angry Dachshund! 8 humans have been murdered by dogs in 2013 and we’re only at the beginning of April. Every single one was a pitbull attack. No other breed has killed anyone this year. These are not “isolated” incidents. They are not “accidents”.

      “A 2011 study published by the medical journal Annals of Surgery analyzed 15 years of dog bite hospital admissions. It reported that in the U.S., one person is now killed by a pit bull every 14 days and one body part is now severed and lost in a pit bull attack every 5.4 days.” Maybe *this* is why people get “so hysterical” about pitbull attacks. Pitbulls were genetically engineered for only one purpose – to kill. And just like other breeds designed with very specific traits, being it hunting, retrieving, herding, etc., they do not need to be “taught” or “abused” to kill – it’s in their genetic makeup. It can’t be trained out. And many attacks by Pits are by family pets that had previously shown no prior aggression and no warning of impending attack. Just a couple of the many examples: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/51414987/ns/local_news-providence_ri/t/-year-old-bitten-family-pit-bull/?fb_action_ids=10151320849792750&fb_action_types=og.recommends&fb_ref=Stories-addthis-copyright&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%7B%2210151320849792750%22%3A154068748093041%7D&action_type_map=%7B%2210151320849792750%22%3A%22og.recommends%22%7D&action_ref_map=%7B%2210151320849792750%22%3A%22Stories-addthis-copyright%22%7D http://www.capitalbay.com/uk/297683-milly-anne.html Do you honestly think these two families, having raised the dogs from puppies, were actually abusing or training these monsters to fight? Maybe YOU are the one who needs to do more research and look up the history of pitbulls. Or how about the recent attack on the baby by the family’s 7 pitbulls? Not only were they pets and the family stated she frequently watched tv and used them “as pillows”, they had shown no prior signs of aggression. As for the argument that it could have been “any breed” or it was because they were “in a pack”, the “pack” consisted of nine dogs. They also had a Irish Setter (?) and a Beagle, and neither of those dogs participated in the mauling – because they are normal domestic dogs, not genetic freaks!

    • Your hateful rhetoric does nothing to further your opinion. Pitbulls are fantastic dogs, and its unfortunate the bad reputation they have received. By your same logic we ban cars, guns, and apparently euthanizing drunk drivers.
      Should I also assume that if you’re a German that lived during WWII that you are a fascist that hates Jews?

      All of these have caused more deaths than pitbulls. Pitbulls ownership is not for everyone, and they require responsible ownership. Accidents do happen unfortunately, but don’t let these isolated cases lead to bans on an entire breed.

    • Jane Doe –

      Obviously you have a great hate for the breed. Have you ever met a pit bull that showed you the love, kindness and gentleness that so many love about them? There is a reason that Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Fred Astaire, Humphrey Bogart and Helen Keller (to name a few) had them. There is a reason they were referred to as “the nanny dog”.

      If you want to understand the breed more, instead of looking for all of the evil to make your claims, go to a shelter, sit with them.

      When they curl up in your lap, look up in your eyes, with those sad pit eyes, you think about putting that needle in and killing them.

    • I have a great hate for the breed? Why, because I’m stating the facts about the breed? I think pits are GREAT if you’re in the dog fighting business. I’m not impressed by famous people having owned Pitbulls. Michael Vick owned a bunch! Rachel Ray also has one – and hers has already attacked at least two different dogs while out on walks. Sweet little wiggle butt Isaboo tore the ear completely off one person’s pet! I’m more impressed by what trainers, top animal behaviorists, veterinarians, trauma surgeons, police officers, etc have to say about them? http://thetruthaboutpitbulls.blogspot.com/

      I’ve never met a pitbull that showed me anything because I don’t allow anyone to even approach me (or my dog, or my children) with one and if they attempt to do so, I tell them in no certain terms had they better bring that animal near me. I carry protection for any I might encounter loose. I’ve never seen “sad pit eyes”, they all look like the Joker to me! While my dream would be for us to follow the lead of other countries and ban them completely, I think most of us would be happy with very strict regulations. One person tried to bring guns, autos, and drunk drivers into the equation, I guess forgetting all these have strict laws surrounding and pretty serious consequences when things go wrong.

      These dogs should not be allowed out in public without a heavy-duty leather and steel muzzle; no one under 18 should be allowed to handle them in public; any house with a Pitbull or pitbull mix should have to clearly display a dangerous dog sign; every pitbull/pb type should be required to be altered; every Pitbull/type should have to be microchipped and registered with the city and/or state, they should get a one-bite rule (one bite, they are put down), the owners should be held fully responsible for any attacks on humans, pets, or livestock, including full financial restitution and possible criminal charges when appropriate, Pit owners should have to carry special liability insurance for having a dangerous animal, any pitbull found loose should be euthanized and the owner fined (if microchipped, they can trace the owner).

      You can put out all the pro-pit propaganda you want but the statistics and headlines speak for themselves, over, and over, and over. And regarding Darla Napora, who apparently worked tirelessly promoting the breed and getting them into family homes, I have to wonder what was going through her mind as she lay bleeding out, taking her last gurgling breaths, dying from Pit she loved so much and had raised from a pup. I’m sure she’d been on forums such as this thousands of times, promoting the same worn-out myths like you are, about how misunderstood they are, how it’s all a “media conspiracy against them”, how they are “great family dogs”, how “it’s all how you raise them”, “they have to be trained to fight”, etc. I’m sure she had her own pits out in public many, many times to show just how great they were. So I wonder as she lay there dying, along with her unborn child, with her beloved wiggle butt standing over her, covered in her blood, if she thought of all the families she’d encouraged to take in Pits? I wonder if she had regrets; if she wished she could take it all back; or was she still pro-pit to her the last breath that left her body? Was she instead thinking “oh I shouldn’t have napped around the dog”, “I shouldn’t have slept so close to him”, “I must have been dreaming and frightened him”. Was she still believing the lies at that point I wonder? Her husband was certainly a true pit nutter through it all – he buried his wife’s (and unborn child’s) murderer in the same coffin with her. Disgusting beyond words!

    • The owners of the dogs are my parents and they have vowed never to walk both dogs alone.

  4. These dog owners sound very responsible to me. Unfortunate incidents do occur unexpectedly, life is never guaranteed to be perfectly safe. A man backing his car out of his driveway in this same neighborhood bumped me as I was walking – he probably should have been paying closer attention but as it was he didn’t anticipate me being there – I would not suggest that he never drive again, it was simply an unfortunate combination of circumstances and I was not seriously injured, although I might have been. No one made a blog about it, why should they, – “dangerous driver, today a neighborhod resident out for a stroll, tomorrow a school bus full of children!” But because a dog rather than a car is involved emotions get amped up. The idea of a muzzle is probably a good one, if for no other reason than that it sends a visual cue.

  5. As a lifetime dog person I have been attacked by Labs, a St. Bernard, a Terrier, Shitzus, and a Beagle. We decided to try a rescue Pit Bull. With 2 small kids I was concerned. We had two Labs with the kids previously and they were indifferent to the kids, which was fine with me. But to consider a Pit Bull was out of my comfort zone. Reluctantly I looked at my wife’s prodding.

    We looked at just 1 dog prior to meeting Daisy. After being aggressive with her and trying to surprise her to see her response it was clear that while strong she was not aggressive. Then we found out she was abused and used as a “bait dog” in a fighting ring. Later we were to find out she had been shot several times and still had some pellets inside her. Scarred, abused, taught to fight dogs and fear humans. Recipe for disaster for a family with young kids and two cats, right? Wrong. Our Pit Bull changed our lives in a postive way. She was sweet, gentle, loving, and sympathetic in a way I have seen in any other dog. When one of us was sick she would stick close to provide support and a sweet lick as a appropriate. None of us were ever bit or hurt. Only loved.

    We will never, NEVER, get another breed. So for those of you that want to ban the breed, just know that we and many others who investigated an unknown before tendering an opinion will fight you every step of the way. All dog owners need to be responsible, just like drivers, gun owners and the rest of us who live in the world.

    • Pitbulls changed her life too – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2027286/Darla-Napora-Pregnant-woman-dies-mauled-pet-dog-living-room.html She loved them and they just loved her to death! She’d raised that little bundle of love from a puppy and he was even well-trained (unfortunately, in the end, still a pit and did what he was bred to do) Your story is not atypical for Pits that have later mauled a child or family member! They are always adorable little “wiggle butts” just waiting to “lick you to death”, well, until they aren’t! Your pit is no different than any other and your family is no more immune than any other. It could just as easily happen to your family as it could any of the other dozens of families in which children or family members were attacked and killed out of the blue! It’s always a shock. No one ever knows what the trigger will be. And yes, it is still a recipe for disaster. Good luck with that! The only Pitbull you can trust is a dead one.

      Those of us who don’t need a dog to show how tough we can be will also be fighting every step of the way to keep the beasts off our sidewalks, out of our parks, out of our dog parks, off our school grounds, off our beaches, and anywhere else where they put the public safety at risk. Pitbull owners are no different than those morons in a downtown walking around with machine guns trying to intimidate people. I’m sure you all get quite a kick out it. There continues to be more and more fatal and life-threatening injuries from these savages, more pet and livestock maulings, and more people are getting fed up with being terrorized in their communities by them. The backlash is going to continue to get stronger and stronger until cities and municipalities are forced to take on the issue. Dozens of towns, countries, the military, insurance companies, and medical professionals aren’t wrong!

  6. Just my two cents: these two people sound like responsible dog owners — as are most owners of pit bulls — trying to rectify the situation as best they can. I bear the scars of two separate dog attacks as a child, and neither dog was a pit bull; one was a weimaraner and the other a mixed-breed, spaniel type of dog. I never asked the owner(s) to destroy their dogs, even though I was fairly traumatized both times, as I loved dogs. The first dog I ever adopted was a pit bull, and I trained her, loved her, and she was a wonderful, loving companion, and was a wonderful and protective of my child when she was young. That said, I currently have a half catahoula, half pit bull, and the catahoula half of her is difficult, at best, when it comes to other dogs as she has leash aggression (both dog trainers told me the catahoula side could be difficult, pigheaded and stubborn; the pit bull side aims to please). I use a muzzle and a pinch collar when I walk her, and this is after many months of training. She has a dislike of any other dog while she is being walked. She can go to doggy day care or the off-leash dog park and gets along famously with the other dogs, but put that leash on her and it’s a challenge. Many, many people have told me they have had dogs like this (none were pit bulls or mixes), that are very leash aggressive. So this behavior is not confined to the breed, and BSL are usually fostered by people who really know very little about dogs in general or specific, and they tend to be alarmists who only see a breed they have no understanding of and don’t wish to. I have read of children being mauled and killed by many breeds, not just pit bulls. Common sense tells you: don’t leave babies and young children alone with a dog — any do — yet people do this all the time. Time to ban these people!

    • So you accept genetics/breed specific traits when they apply to the catahoula but not the pitbull? So typical!

  7. Bravo love4allanimals! And Jane Doe: I did a quick look-up of deaths by dogs over the years ’79 – ’99 (20 years with 379 deaths), and there were many dogs represented: labs, rotties, german shepards, presa canarios, and yes, a dispoportionate number of pit bulls. That said, every day I get into my car and drive, and every day 115 people die in auto accidents, and yet, every day millions of people risk death and drive. If you compare 379 people killed by dogs in 20 years to the 27,600 people killed in auto accidents over 20 years, I’d take my chances with a pit bull any day over a car ride. I suggest you do the same.

  8. Sure – small dogs account for many dog “bites” but they don’t leave a dead, mauled carcass behind. To sling a comment at people who watch the news, read the news, and have stories of their own regarding the demonstrated danger posed by pit breeds doesn’t show anything except a refusal to look at the statistics and reality straight on in an honest manner. A “nanny breed”? You’re saying you’d leave your children under the “care” of a pit bull? Again – fine. Many have done just that to find only lifeless remains of what were their kids. You know full well the documentation is out there and very easy to come by. Denial is just an attitude – not an argument.

    • I am not here to fight with anyone.

      There are negatives, there are accidents, there are bites, there are maulings. I was attacked by our family dog when I was 9 years old, it latched on and didn’t want to let go, it wasn’t a pit bull.

      They were called the Nanny Dog because of how well they did with children. I have seen this first hand as well.

      Just because so many of them are that way, doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t that way. Not all humans are good, and there are plenty of humans that people wouldn’t want to leave their children with either. And sometimes you think you can trust humans, and you can’t.

      Sadly, humans have ruined many things throughout history, these innocent creatures are one of them, and it’s they that get punished for what was and is done to them.

      It creates sadness on all fronts.

  9. Writer: I completely understand your situation. I too have a wonderful dog who LOVES humans but does not get along with other dogs; when I walk her I have absolute control of her but not of the other people who let their dogs walk off-leash and out of range.

    • There is absolutely NO excuse to have an aggressive dog of any breed. This is a training issue. If your dog is dog aggressive, it’s because you have allowed it. If you can’t fix the issue yourself, please be responsible and find a trainer that can. There are plenty of them out there. Until then, it is very irresponsible to have an aggressive dog out in public without a muzzle on. I also agree people should not have their dogs out of their control (either by leash or voice). I can’t count the number of times I’ve passed a dog/owner team on the sidewalk with the other dog growling and snarling while the owner struggles to hold it – usually with a freakin’ harness and flexi-leash! Heaven forbid if they aren’t strong enough, or the collar/harness or leash were to break! If I notice in time, I always steer clear of anyone using a harness (unless it’s a toy breed) and/or a Flexi because it’s clear they have zero dog skills.

  10. Anybody who owns a pit bull is a jerk. Period. And a mindless, stupid trend-follower. Grow up. Get rid of those ugly, stupid dogs before they kill somebody.

    • Wow. How insightful of you, Patrick! You and Jane Doe, who has never technically had any personal interaction with a real pit bull, are clearly highly reputable sources. I am just so thankful that there are so many of you posting in these forums who are not ignorant and near-sighted as these two are.

    • Clearly you haven’t read or understood my posts very well. *I* am not a source; I PROVIDED sources. Perhaps you should read those stories. I don’t need to have any personal interaction with a Pitbull anymore than I need to have personal interaction with a lion or a grizzly bear. I can use the “personal interactions” of others – http://www.dogsbite.org/dog-bite-victim-voices.php http://www.dogsbite.org/dog-bite-statistics-fatalities-2013.php http://www.dogsbite.org/dog-bite-statistics-fatalities-2012.php to know what Pitbulls are like. Are these people not “reputable sources” either?

      And just how much of a “reputable source” are you? Have YOU ever known or seen a child mauled almost to death by one of these beasts? Have YOU ever known a healthy adult killed by one of these? Have YOU talked to their families and listened to their grief personally? Have YOU ever comforted someone whose beloved pet was ripped to shreds by one? Well, I HAVE!

      I have stood over the hospital bed of a 2 year old, unrecognizable as even a human, with hundreds of stitches, steel plates inserted to replace the crushed and irreparable bones in the face and skull, as he lay in a medically induced coma while he struggled to live! How did he “provoke” little Pibbles? He was riding in his stroller, being pushed down the sidewalk (and this was in the early ’80s). The young woman was walking wiggle butt on the sidewalk on the OPPOSITE side of the street when he spotted the stroller with the child, dragged his owner to the ground until she no longer had the physical strength to hold him, and crossed the road to maul the baby! This pit was also “raised from a puppy”, was a “loving family pet”, and had “never shown any aggression” before. Or how about my friend’s uncle who was tending his flowerbed, down on his knees, in his own front yard when two pits came flying from another yard, jumped him, mauled him to shreds before anyone could get to him, and severed an arm? He later died of his injuries. Or a friend’s friend who had a pit raised from a puppy. My friend’s daughter played at their house several times a week, as did several classmates because of their huge fenced yard and a trampoline. A little pack of 3 or 4 girls that had been around the dog regularly without incident since it was a puppy. When it was 2-3 years old, one day, without provocation, it attacked and almost killed one of the girls. Thankfully, my friend’s child was not playing there that particular day. The child had to be life flighted to a high-level trauma center.

      So NO, I do NOT need to have any “personal interaction” with a Pitbull to make me a “reputable source”; perhaps YOU need to spend some time with someone who has lost a child or family member to a Pitbull that “had never shown any aggression before” and was “always so loving” to make you a “reputable source”. Your parents’ dogs have already demonstrated their inherent viciousness, and the owners inability to control them – it could be you will someday have a personal understanding of the true nature of Pitbulls!

  11. I’m not even addressing your whole rant. My parent’s dogs are not “inherently vicious.” The man who started this hysteria was fabricating his story, as I said, because he wants money and sympathy! My parents dogs never had his dog’s neck in their mouth and his dog did not even have a puncture wound on it’s body or need stitches!!! Also, he skewed the story to make it seem like the dogs intentionally attacked him. NOT TRUE!! He was bitten because he was fumbling in the middle of a dog fight, which is FOOLISH. I am sorry he was bitten and I do not mean to diminish the seriousness of that. But I think I speak for all “pit nutters” when I say that you are the real nut case.

    • You’re missing the point, Justine. Had your mother not been walking two pit bulls that she could not control — and let’s face it, NO ONE can control a determined pit bull — whatever happened would NOT have happened. If your parents were responsible people, they would not own pit bulls!

  12. “We fully understand the consequences of another incident like this ….” ANOTHER incident like this? You’re going to wait until those land-sharks you and your wife obviously are incapable of controlling attack ANOTHER person? If you and your wife gave two hoots in hades about the safety of the people in your neighborhood, you would have already surrendered those monsters you call dogs to be euthanized! You are NOT responsible dog owners because no one who owns a pit bull is “responsible!”

  13. Dear 2lacy and any other people who want to claim my parents dogs are vicious attack dogs. If the dogs were vicious killers who intentionally brutally attacked that man, why is it that he had only a small bite on his pinky that required NO SUTURES. If the dogs intended to attack him, he would have been in much worst shape. He admitted to getting in between two dogs fighting. His stories to the police, the vet and his blog post were inconsistent because he is a liar. You have no idea what you are talking about.

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