Pit bull attacks rattle neighbors

A recent string of pit bull attacks were reported on the Montlake wire this week. Animal control authorities were called to the 24oo block of East Roanoke on Thursday after a resident pit bull broke loose from its tether and severely injured another dog walking with its owner.

An earlier and more severe attack occurred March 1st at 22nd & Boyer. A man walking his dog was attacked by two pit bulls that broke free from their owner’s grasp. Pit bull #1 went for the man’s dog while #2 went for the man, knocking him down and biting his hands and arms.

My dog and I were walking North on 19th Avenue East from Boyer to Blaine about half way from Boyer when I noticed a Middle aged woman with little control over two pitt bulls. I immediately turned back to Boyer, shouting and pointing to the woman that I would be walking back up Boyer. A few Minutes later at the Blind NW corner of 22nd Ave E & Boyer we met. My dog was a pace ahead of me, without warning one of the pitbulls came around the corner with my dogs neck in it’s jaws. The second pitbull came charging around the corner knocking me to the ground faced to face with the jaws pittbulls. I sustained a bit to my left arm, two deep wounds into my right wrist and hands. Fortunately two wonderful neighbors came along and helped get the vicious dogs under control. I thank them for being there and helping.

According to the victim, the dogs reside on Delmar Drive East and were quarantined by control authorities for a mandatory ten days. A third sighting of a pit-bull-on-dog attack occurred in “January or February” also on Delmar.

Reactions to these attacks have ranged from fear for small children to gentle reminders against breed discrimination. Before heading out for a neighborhood stroll to ponder the societal consequences of breed discrimination, consider reading The Stranger’s How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.

12 thoughts on “Pit bull attacks rattle neighbors

  1. I have always felt that some day, the owners would lose control of these two pit bulls and that the result would be ugly. It is sad to hear that it actually happened.

  2. There’s no excuse for this happening, just negligence of the owners. There should be harsh penalties for this and I’m sorry for the victims.

    • The dogs did not intentionally bite this man. He got in between the fighting dogs, which is foolish and dangerous. This is common knowledge.

  3. The “middle aged woman” in this story is my mother. This is a skewed story as the dogs are not actually vicious. The man who wrote this post actually got in the middle of the dog fight, which is why he was bitten. My mothers dogs have never lunged or bitten anybody else and they are in fact sweet and loving. After they realized what they had done, they immediately stopped and became docile. Yes, pit bulls can be aggressive toward other animals and my mother regrets this happened and feels horrible. The dogs were sent to training before the incident and will be sent back to training. Also, my mother does not intend to walk both dogs alone again. All breeds of dogs get in fights and there are many breeds that have been known to intentionally bite people. Yet it is always the pit bull that is portrayed as vicious and blood thirsty, which is extremely unfair in my opinion.

    • “A 2011 study published by the medical journal Annals of Surgery analyzed 15 years of dog bite hospital admissions. It reported that in the U.S., one person is now killed by a pit bull every 14 days and one body part is now severed and lost in a pit bull attack every 5.4 days.” Yeah, it’s really “unfair” how they are portrayed as vicious and bloodthirsty, although it is accurate!

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  5. Dont trust the Media. Poodles are more likely to bit their owners and people than pit bulls are. Of course you have the stupid/ignorant people who train fighting dogs and abuse them but it doesnt mean all pitbulls are vicious. If you train them right like all other breeds they are very loving and loyal. i would like to see the media focus more on Chihuahuas, Poodles, Labs, etc on how many people get biten buy these dogs. i bet the numbers are much higher.

    • Actually the most aggressive and likely to bite are Chows and Akitas. Many rental properties have breed restrictions against these dogs. Look up Akita and Chow human attacks. You may be surprised.

  6. Justine –

    Thank you for the insight on the truth of the story. Too many people tend to jump on the “pit bulls are mass murderers” bandwagon.

    Any animal can attack, any dog can bite.

    Don’t just go with the negative and let the stories and posts get out of control.

    As in this case and post, a one sided post can make something look one way, when, in reality the true situation may have been (as it was) different. This is what media does, and this is what people do.

    • Thank you for your support Love4allanimals. To Jane Doe: I am not arguing with the statistics. Pit bulls are strong and have powerful jaws and can obviously inflict greater harm than a more common offender, such as a chihuahua. This is why they are bread to fight and kill, unfortunately, by cruel owners. Pit bulls are the most abused and mistreated dog in our country and the stats of people being attacked are almost all dogs who have been abused, unsocialized, and raised as attack/ fighting dogs. My mom’s dogs have been to training and are well socialized, and they are extremely sweet and docile with people. This was an accident and i guarantee they did not intentionally bite this man. You can spin statistics any way you want, but you are just contributing to paranoia, hysteria and ignorance about the breed.

  7. Oh, and by the way, it was a complete fabrication that this dog’s neck was in the mouth of either of the pit bulls. In fact, the dog itself had no puncture wounds and needed no stitches from the vet. This man is exaggerating because he wants to gain sympathy and intends to sue my parents, who have already been penalized and heavily fined.

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