Poll: What Should Dog Walkers Do With Their Bags of Dog Poop? *UPDATE*

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UPDATE February 27, 2013: A shitstorm of 30 emails arrived today through the Montlake Forum, after this seemingly innocent comment:

Imagine my surprise when I opened my garbage can and discovered a bag of  pooch poop. I was surprised because, I don’t have a dog! I have no idea about the rules regarding  disposal of such waste. The bag wasn’t even tied. Please take your pooch poop with you and disposal of it in your receptacle.
Worse than poop bags in your trash can? Bags of poop in your inbox. Polls are still open folks…
Original Post: May 4, 2012

A neighborhood survey was recently conducted to better understand and prioritize the many issues that affect us here in Montlakeshire. However, one burning issue was missing from the survey despite having set the Montlake Forum ablaze with controversy earlier this year: what should dog walkers do with their bags of poop?

Now that we’re all friends again, it’s time to settle the Great Forum Shitstorm of 2012 with a legally binding poll:

9 thoughts on “Poll: What Should Dog Walkers Do With Their Bags of Dog Poop? *UPDATE*

  1. The structure of the vote options may be unfairly splitting the vote when it comes to dropping of the dog poop bag into a privately owned garbage can. Options 2 and 3 sh/could be rolled into one stat when reporting results, which makes for a considerably different impression on how folks feel about this critically acclaimed question.

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  3. Really? REALLY?! Of all the challenges, debates, issues and injustices in your life and in the world, this is important enough to someone to merit this much attention? #misaligned priorities

    • Really Dave? Are you suggesting that someone who does not want a bag of poop in their trash can is somehow ignorant to the larger issues at play in our world? No connection there at all. It is just that people have different standards. Respect others rights to do things differently than you (especially when poop is involved). And, your condescending remark makes It seem like you might be dropping your dog’s poop in other peoples cans? Quit it.

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  5. It’s actually illegal to leave your garbage in someone else’s can…. (really! Seattle code -21.36.440 – It is unlawful for anyone not authorized by the property owner or occupant to deposit any material in any solid waste container on private property or on a sidewalk or a planting strip abutting private property.)

    Take your poo home and put it in your own trash, we don’t want it. If you feel that it too gross to carry around poo, don’t take responsibility for a dog.

    and btw….. Interlaken is NOT an off leash dog park….

    • Oh, well, I’m just going to dump it on your lawn then.

    • Now that’s acting like an adult…….

      What’s so hard about just being responsible and taking the stuff home. My garbage cans get put into a shed when they aren’t at the curb. The last thing I want is your nasty poo bag, sealed or not, rotting in there because you walked your dog between the time the garbage man came and when I came home. Or even worse there’s the really lazy (stupid?) yutz who tosses it in the *recycle bin*. Oh, and I also nest my yard waste bin inside my garbage can (and garbage can inside recycle bin) to store them – even a “sealed” poo bag is pretty easily squashed and torn if I don’t notice it in there and throw the yard waste bin on top of it -eeeeew.

      It’s quite sad that you are so self centered that you think you should be able to do what you please with my property, even if it is totally disrespecting my wishes and then have the gall to insinuate that I’m being unreasonable. Even if it is just a garbage can, it’s still mine. I don’t know about you, but my mama taught me to not touch things that aren’t mine, no matter what they are.

  6. What is the legal or a homeowner’s responsibility for leaving their garbage/yard waste/ recycling on the curb permanently. I feel it cheapens the Montlake neighborhood. Thanks

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