Montlake Greenways: Meet new crossing guard + traffic safety projects

Article and image: Lionel Job

Article and image: Lionel Job

This morning, Lucille Johnson, 74, showed up early at 24th Ave and McGraw to start her morning shift. Lucille is Montlake’s new crossing guard. Until recently, the intersection used by kids on their way to and from school was not very safe. Lucille is here to remedy this situation. She’s taking control in the most assured manner — a couple of drivers were firmly told to give way to pedestrians.

Little by little we are reclaiming the intersection. A few months ago, SDOT added time to the pedestrian crossing light and will soon add a flashing light reminding drivers they are entering a school zone with a speed limit that will be have to be observed. There will also be some changes to parking rules along 24th and the crosswalk at McGraw will be repainted.

This project is one of four projects Montlake Neighborhood Greenways has taken on. The others are:

  • Improvements to the 19th Ave E. and E. Lynn intersections:  a fund application has been filed for marked crossings, stop signs and improvement to the mud path linking with Boyer along the church parking lot
  • Improvements to the crossing of 23rd Ave E. and E. Boyer at the Boyer Clinic: a fund application has been filed.
  • Making pedestrian and bicycle connections and safety a top priority for the SR 520 project.  With help from other Neighborhood Greenways groups and the Cascade Bicycle Club, we struck a fantastic victory for the neighborhood on Monday: the city council passed a resolution that calls for WSDOT to improve pedestrian and bicycle connections and make them safe and comfortable for “people of all ages and physical ability.”

The Montlake Neighborhood Greenways group works cooperatively with all the Montlake organizations to meet our simple goals of getting kids and adults to schools, libraries, bus stops, shopping, parks, light rail, work and entertainment within our natural walk shed from Interlaken to the UW. We will continue to work with neighbors, businesses, the PTA, the Montlake Community Club, the Montlake Community Center Advisory Council, St Demetrios Church, the Boyer Clinic, the Arboretum, Friends of Interlaken Parks, the Seattle Parks Foundation, SDOT, the school district, Parks, WSDOT and any other group sharing our interests, such as Feetfirst, the Cascade Bicycle Club, the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways.

A year ago, we told you of our intention to create “greenways,” which are simply safer routes through the neighborhood that encourage kids and adults to walk and bike. As you can see, we are making real progress, but to really succeed, we will have to sustain the effort.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact Lionel Job at lnljob @

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  1. It would be great if we could lengthen the time and signage of the intersection/crosswalk at E. Roanoke and E. Montlake Pl. E. as well. (Across from the Hop-In Market) Many Montlake families use that intersection to get to school as well.

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