Cascade doubles down on safe 520 routes

Help Cascade help us do better than this. Image: Montlaker + Cascade

Help Cascade help us do better than this. Image: Montlaker + Cascade

Cascade Bicycle Club is doubling down on efforts to improve the 520 replacement design for people moving through Montlake under the power of their own two feet. They’re asking folks to email Mayor McGinn and the Seattle City Council to require that WSDOT design pedestrian routes over 520 that are safe for 8-year-old kids and 80-year-old grandparents. Want to join their efforts? Read on and follow their ready-made-letter link below…

When asked at a City Council meeting how they would work to make the Seattle side of the SR 520 corridor safe for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike, Julie Meredith, the SR 520 Program Director for WSDOT, explained that their main focus is moving cars and admitted when it comes to walking and bicycling, “We don’t excel at that.” 

All you have to do is look at the dark, scary and dangerous trail under the Portage Bay Bridge to know WSDOT has a serious problem when it comes to making it safe for people to walk and bike.

But they did more than admit their problem; WSDOT asked the City of Seattle for help. Fortunately, the City of Seattle has the ability to help WSDOT get this project done right – but they need to hear from you today.

Thanks to “overwhelming support” from the community and nearly 800 people like you writing the City Council telling them to get SR 520 rightthe Council is already working on a Resolution that will call for the City working with WSDOT to improve walking and biking connections in Montlake and build a shared use trail on the Portage Bay Bridge.  

But there’s no guarantee that the Council will pass this Resolution. They need to hear loud and clear that everyone, from an 8-year old child to his 80-year old grandmother, should have the freedom to safely walk and bike in and through the Seattle side of the SR 520 corridor.

Tell the Seattle City Council and Mayor McGinn to help WSDOT make critical biking and walking connections with the SR 520 replacement project >>