Snowy Owl set free + photo roundup


The Capitol Hill snowy owl was released yesterday at Volunteer Park in front of scores of onlookers, following four weeks of rehab at Sarvey Wildlife Care Center. The young owl was found November 12th in a driveway on 11th Ave E, undernourished, yet gorging on a captured seagull. It spent the night there guarding its catch, unable to finish its meal but unable to fly away either. Enter Sarvey Wildlife and the “CHS” Snowy now has a new lease on life.

Here’s a news and photo roundup:

Union Bay Watch — On the scene report + reader submitted photos

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog — Report + photos + video

The Seattle Times — Pro photo

Slog — Nov 12th owl-on-seagull post + link to more photos

Image: Doug Schurman