Election maps for Central Seattle precincts

Courtesy The Seattle Times, here are the 2012 election results mapped precinct by precinct for Governor, charter schools, marraige equality and marijuana. While most Central Seattle precincts rallied together with 60%+ support on social issues and for the Governor, the charter schools initiative was a much closer race. And it’s interesting to see that even Seattle’s bastions of conservatism (hey there Broadmoor!) went all in for pot and marriage.

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Governor: Inslee vs McKenna

Governor: Inslee vs McKenna

Referendum 74 - Same sex marriage

Referendum 74 – Same sex marriage

Initiative 502 - Marijuana Legalization

Initiative 502 – Marijuana Legalization

Initiative 1240 - Charter Schools

Initiative 1240 – Charter Schools

Data via Justin Mayo/The Seattle Times.

10 thoughts on “Election maps for Central Seattle precincts

  1. Quick, identify Broadmoor using just the first map. Hint: Broadmoor is the gated community whose land deeds once read “No part of said property hereby conveyed shall ever be used or occupied by any Hebrew or by any person of the Ethiopian, Malay or any Asiatic Race…excepting only employees in the domestic service.”

  2. Well…mainstream in SEATTLE. That’s definitely not the case across the state NOR across the country.

  3. Also – on the Same Sex Marriage map, what’s the red blip down in the south? I’m not from here so my knowledge of surrounding geography is scant…

  4. The red blip on the R74 map isn’t that far south — it’s bounded by Yesler on the north, I-5 on the west, S Dearborn (I think) on the south, and 12th Ave (I think) on the east. Which encompasses a good chunk of the eastern, “newer” part of the International District (sometimes referred to as “Little Saigon”) and the southern bit of Yesler Terrace. High immigrant / minority population. Maybe high evangelical, I don’t know (there are a couple of Korean churches in within that region, I think, and a couple of others whose affiliation I don’t know). A good chunk of that area is businesses, so it’s possible we’re not talking that many actual residents (so it wouldn’t take many to skew things).

    • Gotchya, interesting! I’m always curious as to what causes a voting discrepancy like that. We may not have the answer, but those all seem like reasonable hypotheses. Thanks for posting these!

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