Sick Volunteer Park coyote ‘removed’ — Sightings continue in Interlaken Park?

Image: via Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

Image: via

CHS and King 5 report that USDA wildlife officials today shot and killed a coyote showing signs of mange that had been roaming around Volunteer Park. From CHS:

UPDATE: 3:30 PM: A USDA spokesperson tells CHS that the coyote has been killed. “I understand that the ill coyote has been found and removed.  No additional information is available at this time.” the brief statement reads. We were told the agent searching for the coyote was not on the Hill this afternoon but have not confirmed details of what agency was ultimately responsible for ending the hunt and killing the coyote believed to be suffering from mange.

Montlake Forum commenters have posted coyote sightings as recently as today, including in or near Interlaken Park. It is worth noting that Seattle Parks has recently confirmed a pack of healthy coyotes living around North Capitol Hill — so there are likely others in the area apart from the animal put down today.

Seattle Parks tells us that the search has turned up a healthy family of coyotes living near Volunteer Park — a good sign for the local ecology. “It’s great that a family of coyotes is making a good living in the area. They keep the rat and rabbit populations in check,” a Parks spokesperson tells CHS.

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