Public comments for Seattle 520 design reveal overwhelming support for better bike/ped access

Portage Bay Bridge Trail: 97% in favor. Image: WSDOT

WSDOT has released its Public Comment Summary for the SR-520 Seattle Community Design Process as the City Council prepares its response to the project. Over 1,600 survey responses, emails and letters were received and tallied. Shockingly, there is overwhelming consensus on several key design issues, a true rarity for Seattle transportation projects. A few highlights from the comment report:

  • Portage Bay Bridge Trail: 1298 out of 1339 commenters in support continuing the 520 Bridge regional trail from Montlake to Roanoke and I-5 via the Portage Bay Bridge. That’s 97% consensus.
  • Montlake Blvd: 1028 out of 1102 commenters support improvements to pedestrian, bicycle and transit improvements along both sides of Montlake Blvd. That’s 93% strong.
  • Bike/Ped Crossing at I-5 & Roanoke: 1146 out of 1245 commenters favor a 30-foot wide pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Interstate 5. That’s 92%.

A little deeper into the weeds, the report states:

Requests that the entire [East Montlake] lid design and configuration be re-examined to provide improved bicycle and pedestrian connectivity in key areas and all directions.

Support to develop a mobility hub that includes transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, safe connections to and from the lid, and space for active uses.

Safety concerns for connections made under bridge structures.

WSDOT’s Community Design Team will present their public comment findings to the Seattle City Council on Monday. The Council then has until January to pass a resolution stating its design preferences for the 520 replacement project. WSDOT has repeatedly said they want to follow the City’s lead on local design decisions, but on issues with overwhelming public support, expect the Council to follow the will of the people. When do 9 out of 10 Seattleites agree on anything?!

Read the full report here.

8 thoughts on “Public comments for Seattle 520 design reveal overwhelming support for better bike/ped access

  1. “Consensus,” quack quack. “1146 out of 1245,” quack quack. Ever hear the phrase, “Lies, damned lies and statistics?” Call me after you’ve excluded the comments of all the Cascade members and assorted bike lobbyists. Let’s see who REALLY wants all this stuff. And who wants the rest of us to pay for it.

  2. I want that stuff. Especially since the U is right there, and the more people who take transit/bike/walk means fewer cars on the road.

  3. I am definitely one of the “quack quacks”. We need to plan for a future that accomodates for the anti-fat asses that want to get around this area without having to press an accelerator.

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