Union Bay Watch: Snowy owls are back

All images: unionbaywatch.blogspot.com

Will last winter’s Snowy Owl irruption repeat again this year? Looks likely given all the snowy owl reports this week here here, and expert chatter here. Union Bay Watch has posted a primer on the Snowy Owl and some great photos. While they’ve been spotted around Portage Bay, there has yet to be a sighting on Union Bay according to UBW — the 520 eagles may have something to do with that.

Read more here, and if you haven’t read the follow-up story to the Snowy-Owl-eating-a-seagull-dinner sighting on Capitol Hill this week, be sure to do so here. Then get the binocs ready.

3 thoughts on “Union Bay Watch: Snowy owls are back

  1. Neat seeing Snowys in that environment. There is a small colony of snowys that nests near Barrow, Alaska where I worked on my Master’s. I actually got to hold one we trapped for sampling. Anyway, I always love to watch them when they are around. Cheers.

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