Cascade Bicycle Club: Let’s get 520 right

Cascade Bicycle Club has put out a call-to-action for better walking and biking connections in the new 520 design. WSDOT has completed its 2012 Community Design Process and received well over 1,000 public comments in support of the Portage Bay Bridge Trail and more focus on local connections through the Montlake corridor. Now the City Council has to pass a resolution of design preferences to move the project forward (expected by the end of the year).

Here’s Cascade’s take:

Repeat the mistakes of the past? Or plan for a better future? The choice couldn’t  be clearer.

The SR 520 bridge replacement project provides a golden opportunity to reconnect our neighborhoods and give everyone the freedom to easily and safely bike and walk to where they need to go.

But right now, plans for the Seattle side of the SR 520 corridor do not include critical biking and walking connections.

We’re poised to repeat the mistakes of the past, further dividing our communities and making it more dangerous for people to walk and bike in their neighborhood.

Fortunately, the community is standing up and demanding a better future. Over the past two months the community has shown overwhelming support” for making it safe, comfortable and convenient for everyone to bike and walk in and through the neighborhood.

Over the next month the Seattle City Council will provide direction to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) on how to proceed with the project. The Council’s direction will determine whether we repeat the mistakes of the past, or plan for a better future. And the direction our representatives take is up to us.

Tell the City Council to reconnect our neighborhoods and make critical biking and walking connections with the SR 520 replacement project.

Continue reading here. Or use the links above to add your voice to Cascade’s call.

One thought on “Cascade Bicycle Club: Let’s get 520 right

  1. Beyond better walking connections, Montlake should also be demanding better transit connections with a full freeway flyer stop so that Montlake gets full access to Eastside destinations, not only via buses coming from the U-District, but buses coming from I-5, as well as good connections via the 43 & 48 buses.

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