DPD’s small lot development forum to discuss residential D-word

This is what density looks like. Image: Montlaker

Following emergency legislation in September curtailing backyard subdivision and development, the Seattle City Council is re-examining land-use regulations for single-family neighborhoods. The legislation was enacted in no small part due to Blaine residents objecting to a backyard tall-and-skinny house going up on their street. Now begins the hard work of rewriting the building code to allow reasonable growth “in character” with single-family zones while ending for good the grandfather clauses that allowed these small-lot subdivisions to occur.

Please join us for a panel discussion about the City of Seattle’s effort to update standards and exceptions for developing on small lots in Single Family zones.

DPD recently determined that development under current standards is often out of character with the surrounding neighborhood. Interim measures were put in place to prevent additional permits on these small lots while this issue is being studied.

The panel presentation will discuss the issues that we will address when the code is amended. Panel participants will include a neighborhood representative, and representatives from the King County Master Builders and the Seattle Planning Commission.

Comments and suggestions will be welcomed at the meeting. More info and online comments available here.

Developing Small Single Family Lots Panel Discussion — Wednesday, November 14th — 6:00-7:30pm — Bertha Knight Landes Room, Seattle City Hall

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