Hurricane Sandy storm damage claims Seattle neighborhood blogs

Disruption from Hurricane Sandy has extended well beyond the east coast storm’s thousand-mile vortex. The New York web servers for central Seattle neighborhood blogs Capitol Hill Seattle, Central District News and Eastlake Ave Blog went off-line tonight shortly before 9pm. Some sites are transitioning to Facebook as it is not known when the servers might be restored.

CHS publisher Justin Carder said, “We went offline to make sure of graceful loss of service — the New York servers are still up and running but generators on reserve fuel will only last a few more hours. A flooded building has killed the pumps providing fuel for the generators.”

Temporary Facebook sites are available here for CHS & CDNews.

“We’re not East Coast-served for anything to do with natural disasters but figure the whole thing will look brilliant after the next Seattle superquake,” Carder said.

UPDATE: Tuesday 8:15am

CHS & Eastlake appear to be back online, with CDNews now redirecting to FB.