Union Bay Watch: Bald eagles are back + nest news

Belted Kingfisher. All images: unionbaywatch.blogspot.com

The 520 bald eagles are back in the Broadmoor tree after taking a little vacation time elsewhere. They were spotted yesterday doing home repair, adding 2-3 foot long branches to the nest — a good sign they intend to reproduce again next year. Other birds are busy winterizing their nests as well. UBW has a new post up describing the nesting behavior of three common species found on and around Union Bay: the Belted Kingfisher, the Steller’s Jay and the Wood Duck. One nests underground, one in a woodpecker’s hollow and one uses mud as mortar.

Answers and more here.

Steller’s Jay.

Male & female Wood Ducks.

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  1. But what has happened to the Portage Bay beavers? I haven’t seen any for a in the Arboretum, after seeing them daily for years.

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