Spotted on Foster Island: raccoons, cyotes, falcons

Post and all images by Larry Hubbell

The last week has been a bit on the wild side around Foster Island. I ran into a fellow who saw a mother coyote grab a live duck and throw it to her cubs. He said, she was obviously trying to increase their hunting skills. On Monday I heard a tree fell over and blocked the canal south of Foster Island. On Tuesday morning I mentioned it to one of the arborists. This morning it was cut and the canal is open again. Great job!  While walking Ginger this morning a Pileated Woodpecker flew over. It was too fast and I could not get my camera on it before it disappeared. Luckily. the raccoons that crossed the trail behind us were not quite so quick.

They seem to have a nest above the trail to Foster Island.

Of course they are not always looking your way so you may have to look carefully to see them.

I also ran into two different photographers who saw a peregrine falcon this week. If you catch a shot that includes the band on the falcon’s leg please let us know so we can find out if it is one of the falcons from the Ship Canal nest.

During the next sun break take a walk on the wild side, visit Foster Island.