Montlake Community Club suspends general meetings, seeks ideas to increase attendance

The Montlake Community Club has decided to suspend future general meetings due to dwindling turnout. The September 12th general meeting was poorly attended, despite a political forum featuring Frank Chopp, Jamie Petersen, Pete Holmes and Trudy Inslee — among others running for office. Apparently, more politicos showed up than community members in the audience.

MCC President Steve Milam has responded in this month’s Flyer with a request for feedback on meeting topics of interest to the community:

We need to know.

If we, as the Montlake Community Club, are going to provide community wide General Meetings, what are the topics that would make you want to attend? We recently held a candidates forum, which was well attended by the candidates, who in total outnumbered the community members in attendance. It was an excellent forum and exceedingly informative. The Board’s concern, however, is that it may not have been cost effective given the low turnout of Montlake Community members.

So here is the question: Should the Board schedule General Meetings and, if so, what topics are of sufficient interest to warrant your attendance? We really need to know. When we schedule General Meetings we pay rent for the room and incur other expenses for audio and visual equipment. We are reluctant to expend your scarce Community funds on activities that are not of interest to the Community.

What are the topics for a General Meeting that you want to us to present that would actually make you want to attend? Our objective is to provide a community service with informative topics that are of general interest to the Montlake Community. We know that the light rail tunnel, 520 Project, and crime prevention topics are of keen interest and those presentations were well attended, but surely there are others that you would want. Please take a moment to send me a note ( with your thoughts on topics that you believe the Board should present at General Meetings and we will be happy to put together a good program for you.

Let him know folks!