Put a lid on it: Seattle 520 Replacement public comment period ends Friday

Speak now or forever live with this lid. Click for high-res view. Image: WSDOT

The public comment period for the Seattle 520 Replacement Community Design Process wraps up Friday, October 5th. This is the last chance for the public to give input before WSDOT finalizes the basic design ahead of funding the project during the 2013 legislative session and beginning construction as early as 2014.

Public comments can be submitted via email to SeattleCommunityDesign@wsdot.wa.gov. WSDOT also has an online survey for their preferred alternatives (takes 15-30 minutes to complete), including 520’s West Approach through the Arboretum and Union Bay, the Montlake Lid, the Portage Bay Bridge and the Roanoke Lid on Capitol Hill. All together, this is $2.2 billion worth of infrastructure affecting several Seattle neighborhoods.

WSDOT wants to make sure this transportation investment serves the neighborhood well. Does it? Can you imagine walking over the Montlake Lid between your home, UW or the Arboretum? Does the lid improve the pedestrian experience through Montlake? What ideas do you have to improve the project? Let WSDOT know before Friday, or live with this lid for the next 75+ years.

Here are a few links to help guide your survey input:

Here are the Montlaker Neighborhood Blog posts for emailing comments to WSDOT:

Feel free to copy, paste or edit any of the comments in the links above and send them WSDOT’s way. Seventy-five years of concrete is worth a few minutes today.