Dear WSDOT, Give pedestrians a traffic-separated route over 520

Montlake Blvd pedestrian crossings. Image: WSDOT


To meet project goals for sustainability, the 520 Replacement must do more than use “green” materials — it must also encourage sustainable activities like walking and biking. Since Montlake Blvd is expected to carry more traffic due to the closure of the 520 Arboretum ramps, pedestrians walking between 520 and the Montlake Bridge will cross more intersections and access lanes than they do today. Providing simple crosswalks does not improve, and thus encourage, walking along Montlake Blvd. WSDOT should study alternatives that give pedestrians traffic-free passage to and from UW, Husky Stadium and the light rail station — and create a safe-route-to-school between Shelby/Hamlin and Montlake Elementary.

Please use the considerable resources of the lid to make safe, direct and traffic-free routes for pedestrians along the Montlake Blvd corridor.

WSDOT’s public comment period for the Seattle 520 Community Design Process ends Friday, October 5th. Submit comments to: Feel free to copy and paste the above text into an email with “Dear WSDOT, Give pedestrians a traffic-separated route over 520” in the subject line.

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