Dear WSDOT, Reconsider dark and dangerous paths under the freeway

East Montlake Shoreline Trail under 520. All images: WSDOT


Despite good intentions to provide pedestrian paths underneath the new freeway, these paths still cross under low, dark and loud spaces. These conditions will inevitably attract crime and graffiti just as they do under the existing 520. Simply making under-freeway spaces “nicer” will not solve the social problems that plague them. A different approach is needed to provide safe paths for pedestrians without also creating spaces for illegal activities.

Please consider alternative ways for routing the Bill Dawson and East Montlake Shoreline Trails through safe and attractive areas.

Bill Dawson Trail passing under 520.

WSDOT’s public comment period for the Seattle 520 Community Design Process ends Friday, October 5th. Submit comments to: Feel free to copy and paste the above text into an email with “Dear WSDOT, Reconsider dark and dangerous paths under the freeway” in the subject line.

2 thoughts on “Dear WSDOT, Reconsider dark and dangerous paths under the freeway

  1. What “crimes” and “illegal activities” have been committed under the bridge besides littering and graffitti? I have never witnessed anything sketchy; just people passing through.

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