No show for Coho on opening day

By Larry Hubbell

Sunday, September 16th was the first day of Coho fishing on Lake Washington. The fishing was limited to the north side of 520 and east of the Montlake Cut. As the sun rose, it fought to send its light through the smoke of eastern Washington forest fires.

All images: © Larry Hubbell

The sun finally made its way on to the misty bay, unlike the fishermen (and fisherwomen) who apparently stayed in bed.

There was one lone creature on the water.

There were a couple of interesting sights under 520. Does anyone know what this solar-powered device is doing?

It is south of Marsh Island and the cables connected to it run down into the water. It looks like it is a fairly new installation and in the area where there used to be lots of poles hanging down into the water. Maybe it is a device for measuring the water level?
East of Foster Island the bridge and the early morning sun combined to make this image.
For the first day at least the Coho seemed to be fairly safe on Lake Washington.