Born on I-5 Ship Canal Bridge, peregrine falcon “69-Z” identified in fierce pigeon hunt

“69-Z” carries away its catch. Image: © Larry Hubbell

To keep up with local birds of prey, the Union Bay Watch blog occasionally ventures beyond the shores of Union Bay. After photographing a young peregrine falcon take down a pigeon and fly away with it last September, UBW birder Larry Hubbell just recently tracked down the falcon’s baby pictures. Turns out, biologists monitoring the Interstate-5 Ship Canal Bridge tagged the bird’s ankle “69-Z” in May of 2011. In just four short months, the peregrine grew from fuzzy chick to fierce predator and eventually one of the fastest creatures on Earth. Here is lil’ 69-Z’s nest (unclear which one might be her) with mama falcon during the tagging expedition last year:

Peregrine falcon nest on I-5 Ship Canal Bridge. Image: WSDOT Flickr stream

According to the Falcon Research Group, the father of this I-5 nest was born on the (ex-) WAMU Tower to celebrity parents Stewart and Belle. Check out UBW for the full story and other amazing peregrine-and-pigeon photos.

Mama peregrine falcon on the I-5 Ship Canal Bridge in May 2011. Image: WSDOT Flickr stream

More I-5 falcon tagging photos here.

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  1. Thursday, last week, the falcon was perched 2 feet from my deck and bird-feeder… The chickadees were not pleased.

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