OMG There is a computer growing in the Garbage Bay wetlands + Monday news

Over the weekend the Seattle Times published an underwater photograph of the Arboretum lily pads, showing a unique perspective on urban bio-diversity. Nearby, in Garbage Bay, there is this:



Nature and the city are not opposed — each is a form of the other. Which brings us to this morning’s news roundup:

– The City Council will discuss the prospects of the Second Montlake Bridge at 10:30 and backyard development at 2:30 (more info here, via the Laurelhurst Blog — and here, via CHS).

– Following on the heels of the North Capitol Hill Neighborhood Association’s stance against walking and biking on the Portage Bay Bridge, the Coalition for a Sustainable 520 has re-emerged to take the same stance. Both groups favor a narrow bridge width to protect views.

UPDATE: 12:30pm

Capitol Hill Seattle has more info on local opposition to the walking & biking path on the future 520 Portage Bay Bridge.