Boyer Avenue road improvements to connect bicycle route ‘missing link’ — Work begins Friday

Image: Montlaker

Road improvements are coming to the Boyer Avenue arterial starting this Friday. SDOT plans to resurface parts of the street between East Lynn and 24th and add new lane markings and bicycle sharrows. This work will connect a missing link in Montlake’s bicycle route network, between Boyer west of Lynn (with existing parking lane line and sharrows) and the signed Lake Washington bike route east of 24th. These are welcomed improvements for Boyer, a popular route for commuters going between the University Bridge and the Arboretum 520 ramps.

From SDOT:

The project includes two 12′ x 50′ and one 12′ x 150′ sections of street in separate locations that will be resurfaced. Because the paving is limited to small areas, the operation will move very quickly…

During the project, crews will work with residents in the area to ensure they have the greatest access possible to their homes and driveways. For safety reasons there will be brief periods of time in which access will be restricted when machinery is blocking a driveway, or hot asphalt is cooling down. As a result it is possible this work could inconvenience some residents for up to an hour or so.

After the paving work is complete, SDOT will paint a parking line along both sides of the street to clearly define the parking and travel lanes. Bicycle sharrows will be installed to remind drivers and cyclists to share the road.

While these ‘visual barriers’ may help slow traffic a bit on this notoriously speedy street, anecdotal tales of Boyer traffic accidents lit up the Montlake Forum upon news of this project. Many residents feel that further measures are needed to reduce speeds and provide safe crossings for pedestrians.