Union Bay Watch: Eaglets rev their engines, ready for first flight

Image: ©Doug Schurman

Union Bay Watch has new photos up showing the 520 eaglets flapping their wings in preparation for taking their flight from the nest. The word “eaglet” hardly seems appropriate anymore since the birds have grown into full-size eagles, as big as their parents. These mighty little birds have mighty impressive wings, seen here in this video by UBW contributor Doug Schurman:

Practicing for first flight


Beatrice, the older eaglet, will be the first to fledge. Larry Hubbell offers some eagletwatching tips:

Keep one eye on the sky as you pass over 520 or visit Foster Island. If you see a large dark eagle with interesting and unique white markings under the wings, you may be seeing Beatrice’s maiden flight. She could take to the air anytime in the next few days or weeks. We will all just have to wait and see.

Lots more wing flapping photos at UBW (which also has an interesting post about rare birds in Hawaii’s Waikamoi Preserve). Expect to see new eagles flying over 520 soon.