Sound Transit to drill more tunnel wells into the deep

Image: Montlaker

Sound Transit will be drilling more tunnel wells, this time along 20th Ave E, north of McGraw. In addition to pumping out water that settles in the low point of the tunnel below, they will also pump out groundwater to lower the water table during cross passage construction. The work will close the street to through traffic for one to two weeks. From ST:

Parking restrictions are necessary during construction, but parking will be restored when installation is complete and the wells begin operation.

After installation the well system will be mostly underground, and traffic and parking will return to normal. On the surface, a water tank will be located on the planting strip on 20th Ave. A generator and pump control facility will be located on the planting strip on McGraw.

The pumps will operate 24/7 until the water table has been lowered sufficiently and the underground work is complete. When dewatering is no longer needed, all the above-ground equipment will be removed.

For more info, contact ST Community Outreach — Rhonda Dixon at or (206) 391-3966.

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  1. Thanks for running down these details. I’ve sent a long note to the contact you list explaining the problem with the process (signs not in compliance, no advance notice, an open-ended date for noise from pumps, subsidence due to ground-water pumping, etc.), and we’ll see what I hear back.

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