A community conversation about the Montlake Lid, Tuesday June 26th & Thursday June 28th

Image: WSDOT

Montlake Community Club President Steve Milam has announced a neighborhood conversation about the 520 Montlake Lid:

You have a chance to reduce 520’s impact on Montlake!

Some things about the new SR-520 bridge corridor planned for Montlake are set and unchangeable—such as we are stuck with its extraordinary gigantism. Fortunately, others are not, so citizens definitely get a voice in selecting the options we prefer — such as details as to what goes on the “lid.” The Montlake Community Club trustees have arranged for public display of large drawings of proposed options. You have two opportunities to see them: Tuesday June 26th or Thursday June 28th, from 7 til 9 p.m. at Montlake Community Center gym. Come look these drawings over, so you can make up your mind what versions of the alternatives you care to support. The more of us who voice our opinions, the better the end product will be. Either share input now, or do not complain later if you dislike the choices that others made. Even if there are no WSDOT staffers at these evening meetings (we invited them), MCC trustees will be present to listen to your input, and pass it on to the bridge planners. 

If you care to view these online, the WSDOT website is: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/SR520Bridge/
This is a chance for the neighborhood to study the design options, figure out common priorities and give collective feedback to WSDOT. This project has fractured neighborhood voices – finding areas of agreement will help positively affect the outcome.