Union Bay Watch: Bird of prey threatens 520 eaglets

Kids grow up fast these days. The 520 Bridge’s most famous couple — Eva and Albert — have been busy collecting meals for their new baby eaglets, which gain a pound every 4 to 6 days. Union Bay Watch sends this amazing video clip of the new baby eaglets showing off their amazing appetites:


In between meals the eaglets have found time for media requests, showing up on the TV news last week and in The Seattle Times this morning. But they shouldn’t get too caught up in their newfound fame, as over the weekend UBW witnessed a potential attack on the nest. Larry Hubbell explains:

On Sunday morning (6/10/12) a bird of prey circled high above the nest coming in from the south. Immediately Eva started calling and raising an alarm. Albert who had been out of sight seemed to appear as if by magic. The adults continued to call out as they moved together to one of the branches 10 to 15 feet above the nest. It would seem logical that this might be the optimal defensive position. Being above the nest they could dive to defend the nest in any direction (e.g. all 360 degrees of the compass). In addition they would get a little gravity boost to help accelerate their defensive dive.

Surprisingly the bird of prey was not a crow or an osprey or even one of the great blue herons that reside on Union Bay…

Who was the predator? Read the rest of UBW’s new post Life after Eddie – Threatend? to find out. There are more video clips, a lot more baby eagle info and even a request for baby names. Amazing work!

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