Gateway to Capitol Hill: WSDOT 520 design meeting to focus on Roanoke Lid, Thursday June 14th

Image: WSDOT

WSDOT’s next community design meeting for 520 is this Thursday, June 14th. The focus will be the Roanoke Lid and connections to I-5 and north Capitol Hill. The last time the public was updated on plans for the Roanoke Lid was December 2011 so there should be significant progress announced this week. WSDOT’s method for collecting community feedback is through post-it note comments plastered to the drawings presented at these meetings — so show up and plaster away your opinions.

Here’s a summary of what WSDOT heard the last time they collected public feedback for Roanoke:

Hopes and dreams

  • The lid should be terraced to establish visual and physical connections to the neighborhood and to activate park uses (dog run and tennis courts were suggested).
  • The lid should improve bicycle and pedestrian connectivity by separating vehicular traffic, resolving steep slopes and making a safe crossing into Interlaken Park.
  • More “eyes on the street” and active uses for underneath the freeway to discourage crime, graffiti, etc.

Concerns and fears

  • Noise! The design should minimize disruption to residents living near Roanoke Park.
  • Increased demand for on-street parking if the lid is actively used (ahem, conflicts with certain hopes).

Since the community design meeting last December, new ideas have emerged for the Roanoke Lid. Consider adding these ideas to your post-it note agenda:

  • Use the under-the-freeway property owned by Seattle Preparatory School for a bike and pedestrian path connecting Delmar to Boyer. This would provide a safe way for students and the general public to reach the athletic fields at Montlake Playfield.
  • Create a Waterfront trail along Portage Bay to connect 520 at Boyer to Montlake Playfield and the Bill Dawson bike trail to the Montlake Lid.
  • Include a Portage Bay bike lane on the new freeway.

Sticky note this: Build the Portage Bay bicycle and pedestrian lane. Image: Montlaker

WSDOT Community Design Meeting — Thursday, June 14th — 4:30 to 7:30pm — Montlake Community Center.

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