Union Bay Watch: Eddie the Eagle’s widow has a new mate and eaglets

Image: © Larry Hubbell / unionbaywatch.blogspot.com

Looks like Eddie the Eagle’s widow has moved on pretty quickly since the ol’ fella took an unfortunate wrong turn last year. Union Bay Watch has details on her new partner (well, well), his awkward sense of decorating and yes, NEW BABY EAGLETS!

After Eddie’s demise the next question was what would happen to his mate. Eagles mate for life, which can be in the neighborhood of 30 years. Would she keep the nest, leave the nest or leave town all together. Happily, she kept the nest and took another mate rather quickly. What do you call the mate who comes after Eddie. Albert seems like the right answer. Does that make Eddie’s mate, Eva?

During the fall Albert was helpful around the “house”. When he placed a new branch on the nest Eva reached over and adjusted its position. Albert moved it back to its original location. The two birds repeated this process a couple of times until Eva turned to Albert and pecked him on the shoulder. It was as if she was saying “Leave it alone, I have it where I want it.” He left it alone. Among eagles, the the female is generally larger, and it is clear Eva rules the roost.


Around the end of March Eva started sitting on the nest. That weekend Albert brought a small fish back to the nest for her to eat. He might have been new to the job but he was making a serious effort. The nesting period ranges from to 2 to 3 months, however after an egg is laid it only takes about 35 days to hatch. April turned into May and every day one of the eagles was on the nest almost nonstop. It was impossible to see into the nest to know when the eggs where laid or when the eaglets hatched out. In any case they were initially be too small to see in the middle of the huge nest.

This photo, taken on June 2nd, proves that the waiting is over.

Image: © Larry Hubbell / unionbaywatch.blogspot.com

More details and photos on “Life after Eddie” at UBW. Congrats Eva and Albert!

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