SDOT pedestrian safety improvements coming to 24th Ave E

20120525-233821.jpgImage: Montlaker

The pedestrian safety cause along 24th Ave E is starting to produce real results. SDOT officials plan to implement a number of improvements in response to concerns raised by residents to the Seattle Public Schools Traffic Safety Committee. Of specific interest is the crossing at 24th & McGraw, with its notoriously short crossing light and hazardous conditions for school kids walking to Montlake Elementary. Some of the changes include:

– Allowing on-street parking along 24th during peak hours to help calm traffic. This also provides more parking access for local businesses — a win-win all around, except for speeding vehicles.

– Installing 20 mph School Zone signs with beacons flashing during the 30 minutes before and after school hours.

– Adding more time to the crossing signal and pushing the stop line further back from the crosswalk.

– Seattle Police enforcement of speed limits during school commute times.

Look for these changes over the next year. In the meantime, thanks to those Montlake residents working with the City and School District for showing us how civic engagement is done.

3 thoughts on “SDOT pedestrian safety improvements coming to 24th Ave E

  1. I would add that SDOT also promised a crossing guard to go along with those flashing beacons both before and after school. However, this is unlikely to happen before spring of next year.

  2. The next crossing that needs to be fixed is 19th Ave E and E.Calhoun. It’s the crossing we use to go down to the playfields and to take the bus to go downtown. We are prompted into action because next year, the after school programs will move to the Community Center. This crossing is about to become a critical intersection for our school children. Once this crossing is fixed up, we will effectively have a safer East-West route serving the Playfields, the Elementary school, the library, the business district and the Tot Lot in the Arboretum. Our pre-schoolers enrolled at the neighborhood preschools on Montlake Pl E and E. Lynn will also benefit.

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