Why working tipsy and building floating bridges don’t mix

20120524-000052.jpgImage: KOMO

KOMO 4 News reports that WSDOT contract workers overseeing construction of the new 520 floating bridge have been regularly drinking on the job for months. And they’re not just having Friday 4pm beers, they’re slamming down several drinks a day while working at their desks. KOMO investigators visited the construction office in Bellevue and caught the action on tape.

Given our state’s history of building bridges that famously float – and then famously sink – maybe it’s time to sober up with a WSDOT version of Scared Straight circa Thanksgiving Day 1990:

2 thoughts on “Why working tipsy and building floating bridges don’t mix

  1. hmmmm….judging by the recently revealed garish columns and the fact that I-5 has no room to accommodate all that extra capacity coming from a behemoth 520 I’m wondering if the during work drinking habits of the folks in WSDOT who planned this bridge should be checked out as well…..

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