Union Bay Watch: Persistent Osprey versus Pesky Crows

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Local wildlife blog Union Bay Watch reports on an epic battle between an osprey stopping over for a bite to eat near Foster Island and a squadron of unhappy crows:

The photo above of the osprey and the crow was taken just north of the Arboretum at 5:30 pm one day last week. The osprey was attempting to fish the waters just S.E. of Foster Island. The crows on the other hand were returning to the area to spend the night. The osprey was initially chased away by one or two crows. He then returned a few minutes later and was chased away by a half a dozen crows. Within ten minutes he was back again and this time he was chased away by one to two dozen crows. During his time in this area he made only one dive into the water for a fish but came up empty. After flying thousands of miles to get here for the summer he is obviously hungry and persistent. The crows do not appear to be too hungry however they are most certainly persistent. The osprey now appears to be making it a habit to circle around Union Bay above the shallow waters near the land.

The good news was yesterday morning the osprey was back searching the water for fish while most of the crows were away scouring the streets of Seattle.

For more on Union Bay wildlife, click here. For crows scouring the streets of Seattle, click here.

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