Dog Poop Poll Results Say Carry It Home


A recent poll asked Montlakers what dog walkers should do with their bags of dog poop and the results have now been tallied and certified:

60% say it’s best to carry it all the way home.
27% endorse dropping it in the nearest garbage can left out on the curb.
11% think it’s fine to walk onto someone else’s property to drop it in their garbage can.
2% voted to toss it in a neighbor’s yard.

So there you have it: Carry It Home wins by a mile. Or did it? Some 40% voted it OK to pass the poop to someone else’s property, in one way or another. What does it say that individual versus collective responsibility splits 60-40 on this issue?

One thought on “Dog Poop Poll Results Say Carry It Home

  1. According to Seattle Muncipal Code 21.36.440, it is unlawful for anyone not authorized by the property owner or occupant
    to deposit any material in any solid waste container on private property or on a sidewalk or a planting strip abutting private property.

    According to SMC SMC 9.25.082 It is unlawful for a dog owner to:

    B. Fail to remove the fecal matter deposited by his/her animal on public property or private property of another before the owner leaves the immediate area where the fecal matter was deposited;

    C. Fail to have in his/her possession the equipment necessary to remove his/her animal’s fecal matter when accompanied by said animal on public property or public easement.

    There are fees and fines which may be levied for these offenses.

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