Seattle Subway would connect Montlake to Ballard, West Seattle

Seattle Subway. Dream or reality? Image: Seattle Subway, via The Stranger.

The Stranger has a must read in this week’s paper for transit advocates in Montlake. It details how to fast-track a Seattle Subway system using Sound Transit and city transportation authority. The project would connect Montlake’s University of Washington light rail station with cross town stops in Ballard and West Seattle, and potentially Wallingford and Fremont as well.

The University of Washington’s preference for putting its station far from central campus was an unintended benefit for low-density Montlake. Expansion of the system could benefit us further, especially if a line through big employment hubs like South Lake Union and Redmond (via 520) were considered. Montlake has always been a crossroad for the region and will continue to be for transit planners, so this Seattle Subway concept gives us more reason to develop a neighborhood plan that can adapt to future light rail expansion.