Next 520 Design Meeting: Bikes Through Montlake

The next community design meeting for 520 will be on Thursday, April 12th at MOHAI and will focus on bicycle and pedestrian access along and around the new freeway through Montlake. Cascade Bicycle Club will be there and wants as many bike advocates as possible to attend and lobby WSDOT to do right by human powered transportation.

Image from WSDOT Flickr

**Update** More at Seattlebikeblog, on connecting Roanoke to Montlake via the Portage Bay Freeway. This is good stuff, please read through if you’re planning on attending the meeting.**

Cascade has identified several design objectives for the neighborhood. They are:

  • Provide a multi-use trail along the Portage Bay Bridge, connecting from Montlake to Capitol Hill.
  • Create strong connections through the 10th and Delmar project area, including dedicated bicycle and pedestrian facilities along E Roanoke St connecting over I-5, improvements to the intersections of Harvard Ave E & E Roanoke St and 10th Ave E & E Roanoke St, and connections across the proposed LID at 10th and Delmar – reconnecting Federal Ave E to E Roanoke St.
  • Ensure 24th Ave E is designed to facilitate safe and efficient bicycle and pedestrian crossings and to reduce conflicts between users, particularly where the regional trail intersects with the Seattle street network. WSDOT is considering parking alternatives to serve East Montlake Park, one of which proposes a parking lot in East Montlake Park requiring an additional street and intersection at 24th Ave E. If parking is necessary, we would encourage you to advocate for parking to be placed underneath the SR 520 bridge.
  • Provide dedicated bicycle connections along Shelby/Hamlin. A bi-directional bicycle facility is being explored for E Shelby St, providing connections to Montlake and to 24th Ave E and the SR 520 trail. Let WSDOT know if this is something you would like to see, or if you would prefer bicycle facilities on both Shelby and Hamlin (which are one-way streets).
  • Create a safe and attractive Montlake Boulevard for all users, including bicyclists and pedestrians. With Montlake serving a significant number of pedestrian and bicycle trips, improvements are needed along Montlake providing safe crossings and dedicated facilities.