Saturday Stairway Walk to step through Eastlake and Portage Bay

Image: Flickr: Rob Ketcherside

Feet First is sponsoring a series of Stairway Walks around Seattle tomorrow, including a nearly 700 step route over Capitol Hill from Eastlake to Portage Bay…

This stairway walk carries you from the top of Capitol Hill down to the edge of Eastlake, with views all along the way, before it heads back up the hill and over to Portage Bay. As Seattle stairs go, this is the route with the most: you’ll visit the longest stairway in Seattle, the Howe street stairs, though (shhhh!) we’ll show you the shortcut.

Walk Leaders: Feet First Board Member, John Stewart and Rob Ketcherside

Numbers: 2.3 miles: 349 steps down, 337 steps up

When: All walks start at 10 am on Saturday, February 9. Please RSVP for detailed instructions about the meet up location.

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