Public comment period begins for WSDOT’s Seattle 520 design process


WSDOT has begun its formal public comment period for the Seattle 520 Community Design Process. Over the past year, WSDOT hosted several open houses to collect feedback on various aspects of its preferred alternative. The process concludes this fall with a final report issued to the legislature (draft report here). Much more work is still ahead, but as funding starts to fill 520’s $2.2 billion shortfall, this document will establish the design direction going forward. The public comment period is the last chance to weigh in on the phase of the project.

“We launched this process to hear directly from the public how they want the new SR 520 corridor to look and feel,” said Kerry Pihlstrom, project manager for WSDOT. “Feedback from the public helps us move the design process forward so we’re ready to begin construction when funding is available.”

The public comment period ends Friday, October 5th. Comments can be submitted through an online survey, emailed to , or snail-mailed to 999 Third Avenue, Suite 900, Seattle, WA 98104.

The 520 Community Design Process will also be discussed by the Seattle City Council on Monday, September, 10:30am. The public is invited to speak to the Council as they develop their design priorities for the project. WSDOT has made it clear they want local officials to take a lead role in the remaining design decisions to ensure the new freeway fits with community needs. It is now the Council’s job to figure what those needs are.

The Montlaker Blog has extensively covered the 520 Replacement process this year and will continue to report on design issues that affect our neighborhood during the comment period. Look for more this week.

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