WSDOT: Obama motorcade pays 520 Bridge toll — CALTRANS: no toll over SF Bay Bridge

President Obama is scheduled to arrive at Boeing Field tonight shortly before 6pm and travel by motorcade up I-5 and across the 520 Bridge to a fundraiser event in Medina. King5 News reports 520 will shut down to allow the motorcade to pass. Hopefully, given all the drawspan openings recently this closure will seem somewhat routine — but be warned 520 commuters! — and follow live traffic cams here.

This bit of bridge news, inevitably, brings up the $4.41 question: will POTUS Barack Obama have to pay the 520 toll? The answer:

So yes, in Washington State, POTUS pays. And in California? Yesterday, the Bay Area Toll Authority gave him a free pass from Oakland to San Francisco across the Bay Bridge. The reasoning? SFGate reports:

Any emergency vehicle driving with lights and sirens doesn’t have to pay a toll, said John Goodwin, a spokesman for the Bay Area Toll Authority.

The presidential limo has emergency lights, which means Obama’s ride is exempt from the tolls. The vans that carry staff and the press pool and don’t have lights? They’re exempt too, Goodwin said.

“We figure that if cars with lights are on either end of the motorcade, (the ones in the middle) are covered,” Goodwin said.

There’s only one way to settle this — put democracy to work:

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  1. WAC 468-270-091 lists what vehicles are exempt from 520 tolls. Emergency vehicles are only exempt when responding to a bona fide emergency. I don’t think a fundraiser counts.

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