Sound Transit light rail track design meeting set for Wednesday July 11th

Image: Montlaker

Sound Transit will meet with Montlake residents to review the operational track design and light rail noise levels on Wednesday, July 11th, 6pm at the Montlake Miller Community Center. Anyone concerned about train noise in the neighborhood and the steps Sound Transit is taking to minimize it should plan on attending.

Given that Sound Transit has agreed to significant measures for eliminating light rail disturbance to the University of Washington campus – and given that tunnel drilling last fall revealed Montlake’s soil conditions to be poorly suited to dampening ground borne noise and vibration — Sound Transit needs to design and build the best light rail track possible underneath the neighborhood, starting with the use of high-compliance fasteners to connect the steel rails to the concrete rail bed. Doing it right from the start will only happen if the agency hears that this is a priority right now. Let them know your thoughts before the concrete is poured and the rails tied down. Contact U-Link Community Outreach Supervisor Jeff Munnoch at:

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